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The Net Nanny® Family Protection Pass is a software bundle that allows you to get award-winning internet protection for every device in your household at one low cost.

With Net Nanny®, parents can monitor their family’s online activity and customize filters for each user. Our dynamic filtering technology blocks inappropriate content in real-time and provides the option to block, warn or allow users when viewing websites. Families can use Net Nanny® to protect users from pornography, online predators, cyber bullying, and other threats that compromise online safety.

Net Nanny® Is The Most Effective And Flexible Internet Filtering Software Available Today.

Net Nanny is a world leader in internet filtering because Net Nanny's technology checks each web page you visit, in real time, and will allow or block a webpage based on your preferences.

Net Nanny is the most-trusted parental control software since 1998.

Net Nanny's award-winning technology is able to filter the Internet, monitor your child’s online activity, and block unsafe materials while still allowing kids access to safe websites. Unlike other parental controls that simply block a list of websites, Net Nanny's dynamic filter scans and analyzes each website to determine if it is appropriate for your child, based on the settings you customize for their profile.

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