CryptoHero offers many types of crypto trading bots and is free to use! Check out its features and discover how CryptoHero has enabled thousands of traders to profit from the market.

Is CryptoHero really free?

CryptoHero Free plan is completely free for users to use CryptoHero with basic functionalities. It is entirely possible to run a small crypto portfolio with just the Free Plan.

Your assets remain on the numerous supported exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Bittrex or Kraken or use a simulated paper trading account on CryptoHero to avoid risking assets while evaluating CryptoHero.

Our ethos for CryptoHero Premium is to remove scaling restrictions on accounts instead of limiting essential features

What is CryptoHero?

CryptoHero is a cloud-based crypto trading bot software that can place trades 24/7 on crypto exchanges. CryptoHero trades off your crypto exchange account using API. CryptoHero is a safe app platform that does not require users to deposit crypto with us.

CryptoHero is currently available on Web , Android and iOS .

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