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Shop online for iced tea made with fresh leaves, not powders or poor-quality tea bags. Simply place a quart-sized pouch in a pitcher of water and refrigerate overnight. For quicker preparation, steep in hot water for five minutes and add ice. Select from our assortment of black tea, green tea, and herbal tea samplers, or chose teas individually. Each pouch makes one quart (four glasses) of tea. Enjoy the superior taste of fresh-brewed tea.

VELOCITEA tea maker

A revolutionary device that heats water and prepares tea at push of a button. Its ingenious design pumps water from the base into the infuser basket, steeping tea leaves as it circulates. Ideal time and temperature settings for each variety of tea ensure a perfect strength for your chosen variety. When tea is ready, the kettle will keep it warm for 60 minutes to ensure that your last cup tastes as good as your first.

Simply need hot water? Select the "heat only" button first and then your desired temperature. The water will heat, but not circulate. The infuser basket is dishwasher-safe and easy-to-clean.

Photos below and videos nearby detail this product's unique features. For optimal performance, please use spring water or descale regularly (tablets sold separately).

Made in China | UL STD 1082 | 6" diameter | 11" tall | Makes a minimum of 8 oz and a maximum of 40 oz of tea | ETL listed | 110 volts, 1500 watts

utiliTEA kettle

Our variable-temperature electric kettle is sure to make heating water a breeze. Its rapid boil system will have piping hot water ready for you in minutes at the touch of a button. Or, for more delicate teas, simply select the corresponding preset temperature on the stay-cool handle and wait for the beep to let you know its ready. Should you not be able to make your tea right away, don't worry, because the utiliTEA will keep your water at the set temperature for another 30 minutes then automatically shut off. It also features a 360 degree base for easy cordless pouring, a push-button lid, and hideaway storage for the power cord below the base. A must have for serious tea drinkers!

Made in China | 57 oz (1.7L) | UL STD 1082 | 6" diameter | 9.5" tall | Stainless Steel | Plastic elements are BPA-free | 1500 watts - only works with 110V/60 Hz electricity (North America) | 90 day warranty

Chai Teas

Shop online for loose-leaf chai teas sourced directly from the artisan farmers who tender them. Chai varieties include Masala Chai, Chocolate Chai, Thai Chai and other exciting interpretations. A gift from India, chai tea is a mixture of tea and a variety of spices synonymous with Indian cuisine. All of our chai teas are blended in-house using artisan teas and only the very best natural flavors and spices. Our direct-trade advantage ensures superior taste, freshness and value.

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