Are You Vegan?

Tests for Nutrient Deficiencies

Our Vegan Maintenance Panel checks for possible nutritional deficiencies vegans may encounter if their plant-based diet is off-balance.

This 9 test panel tests for common nutrient deficiencies that vegans may encounter if they are not eating a balanced vegan diet.

Gastrointestinal Testing

Gastrointestinal Tests and Panels

These tests help determine gastrointestinal issues and their causes.

This blood test is used to help diagnose gluten sensitivities and Celiac disease by screening for specific antibodies.

Sports Testing

Various testing options for athletes who participate in combative sports, MMA, boxing, fighting, kickboxing, etc., or are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or who train outdoors especially in wooded areas.

Convenient & Affordable Online Lab Testing

There are many reasons why individuals order lab testing or blood work online. The most common reasons why people use our services for lab tests online include having a high deductible, having no insurance or not enough coverage for the testing they want or need. Additionally, millennials are looking for a viable, affordable alternative to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). At, we are able to get you the health and wellness testing you need quickly at an affordable price. offers an expansive collection of lab test categories and test types at discounted rates.

  • Simply order your blood or urine tests online

  • Visit a local lab near you to give your blood work or urine sample for testing

  • And confidentially receive your results in 1-3 days in your secure account

Your health is important! Our blood chemistry tests and wellness tests can help lead to diagnoses and can point out any potentially problematic results that you can then take to your doctor or general physician. Order the testing you need and receive your results quickly. We work with major laboratories, like LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics, as well as smaller, local labs. These labs are all CLIA-certified and often are the same labs your doctor uses!

Our online lab testing is great for monitoring conditions, disorders and diseases as well as aiding in helping to make a diagnosis or helping to rule out various diagnoses. We have hundreds of lab tests to choose. Some of our popular tests include:

Whether you need hormone testing, food allergy testing, low-T or testosterone testing, or even basic wellness done,'s direct access testing can help you get answers to some of the important health questions you have.

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